Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Part 6… Check your Hormones

Patty Baiano

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Hidden Culprits that Sabotage Weight Loss – The Hormone Factor

Maintaining proper weight is a challenge for people of all ages. However, the older you get, the more difficult it can be. It has been found that 90% of women experience weight gain between the ages of 35 and 55, not coincidentally, during perimenopause and menopause. Men are not excluded although the onset of their hormonal imbalance, known as andropause and starts somewhat later in their late 40s – 50’s.

While nutrition, exercise and lifestyle are critical elements to weight loss, balancing your hormones after the imbalances that perimenopause, menopause and andropause cause, is vital to your success in maintaining a healthier weight.

Hormones and weight gain are closely related, if your hormones are not balanced, you can gain weight, especially with too much cortisol or too little progesterone, testosterone or estrogen. Hormone imbalances will slow down your metabolism and put the pounds on, while also causing bloating and a myriad of other symptoms too numerous to list.

It may be that changing your diet and adding some exercise and supplements will do the trick. But if you’re a woman over 35 (45 for men), I strongly recommend that you read a book written by Suzanne Somers titled “Ageless: The Naked Truth about Bioidentical Hormones.” [Side note: This book changed my life and I cannot recommend it enough. I went through menopause with nary a symptom, and from her Anti-Ageing doctor recommendations (which are categorized by states) I found the BEST medical doctor I have ever known—Dr. Vladimir Berkovitz, Atlantic Medicine & Wellness, Wall NJ—I have referred this doctor to countless friends, relatives and clients and he has literally saved lives.]

Also, have your hormone levels checked—especially if you know you have a thyroid condition. If you find you have an imbalance, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy may tip the scales in your favor and could take you from fat to fabulous – in spite of the inevitable effects of aging.

If you’re not ready (or wanting) to go the route of Bioidentical hormone replacement, there are many natural thyroid and hormone support supplements and diets that have been clinically proven to give relief from hormonal symptoms and tip the scale back in your favor.

Undeniably as we age and our hormones change, our bodies begin to change as well. Even people blessed with “great genes” who have been genetically thin with flat tummies all of their lives will eventually see the effects of hormonal changes. Fat will start to accumulate on thighs, tummies, hips and arms.

Maybe you’ve felt this before too? You go on a “diet” and lose a bunch of weight, yet when you look in the mirror your “trouble spots” actually look WORSE…and there’s no way you’re fitting back into the “skinny jeans” waiting for you in the closet.

Truth is, you may have actually stored MORE fat on your troublesome fat zones, even as you lost weight from other parts of your body! Sounds crazy right?

There’s even a name for it… Female-Pattern Fat Storage.

And it’s caused by something called “adrenorecptors” on your fat cells. You’ve got two kinds:

  • Your Beta receptors are the good guys—they trigger fat burning
  • Your Alpha receptors are naughty—they trigger fat storage!

Now the bad news…

It’s now clear that women have 9X more Alpha receptors on their stubborn fat!


Common nutrition advice and excessive exercise can actually trigger your Alpha receptors and suppress your Beta receptors — causing you to strip fat from your easy-to-lose areas and re-store it on your trouble spots!

My good friend and Australian body transformation specialist Sue Heintze battled with this for years. In fact, when she was in her teens, her mom and sister used to tease her: “Sue, you’re bum is getting big!”

That led to decades of battling body image issues, and lead her to become a fitness competitor and one of the most sought after female fat loss experts in the world!

Yet she still battled with stubborn bum and thigh fat until she stumbled on some hidden research that revealed the connection between your Beta receptors and the solution to trouble spot fat…

Since then, she has tested and perfected it on herself and thousands of women via her books and programs. Now, she is finally ready to release the full system! It’s called The Beta Switch.

The Beta Switch is the only complete weight loss lifestyle for women that specifically targets your female-pattern fat by switching on the fat-burning power of your Beta receptors, without restricting your favorite foods or doing excessive exercise.

Best Regards on Your Journey to Health & Fitness!

Patty B

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