Pardon me while I vent because I am frustrated and angry.

I enjoy posting informational and inspirational pictures on Facebook, mostly because I’m trying to reach out to people who are struggling with weight loss to let them know that they are not alone. Why? Because I was one of those people.

There was a time that I thought I was alone. I was fat. No one would ever believe me, but I barely ate. Not only did I starve myself, but I abused myself daily by working out until exhaustion. At least two hours a day I beat myself up at the gym, like a hamster on a wheel, ceaselessly running yet getting nowhere. I hated myself. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. I even had a boyfriend breakup with me telling me that “I was broken” (yea, there’s a special place in hell for that a$$hole.)

Fast forward ten years and after much education and more than a few revelations, I’ve conquered the battle that plagued me most of my life. My goal, and the mission of BodyFit Superstore, is to share my story and let people know that there are certain medical issues, such as problems with individual biochemistry and metabolism, that can cause one to pack on pounds and make it virtually impossible to lose weight.

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Let’s get back to the reason why I’m so frustrated & angry…

Earlier this afternoon I posted this inspirational photo on my Facebook Page.

just love yourself more and the weight will melt off blog

The reason this particular image held such importance to me is because it was the last thing someone said to me when I expressed my frustration at my inability to lose weight.

You see, I had just spent the past two years struggling with Lyme Disease and all of it’s co-infections. After losing 40 pounds on the HCG Diet seven years prior and not gaining a pound back. the Lyme Disease not only destroyed my immune system, but also my metabolism. I gained back the 40 pounds and was right back where I started 9 years ago.

Nothing I did to lose the weight worked. Even after five straight days where nothing passing my lips but fresh pressed green juice, I didn’t lose a pound. How could this happen? I’m a fitness professional who owns a Pilates Studio and online weight loss company. My professional credibility was on the line. Who would take me seriously if I could keep my own body fit?

My quest for knowledge lead me to pursuing my certification as a Bulletproof Upgraded Human Potential Coach. Main stream medicine wasn’t offering me any solutions so I ventured into the world of Biohacking.

It was during dinner with a group of Biohacking cohorts in the training program (you know, people who believe that human physiology can be ‘hacked’ like a computer to perform better), that someone said to me “You just need to love yourself more and the weight will melt off.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I’ll take that BULLSHIT with a side of fries.

But ignorance runs amok.

Shortly after the image above posted, I received the following comment:


Aside from being a nasty human being and Social Media Troll, this person is also ignorant. Of the 78 percent of the population who are overweight, a significant portion of these people are indeed weight-loss resistant.

In the Biohacking world, the term used to describe this very real physical phenomenon is “metabolically deranged.” Put another way, “metabolically deranged” is when something in your metabolism is off and causes physiological symptoms, such as the inability to lose weight.

Sadly, the perspective of our “Prince Charming” above is shared by many. Associate Professor Tor Ivar Karlsen of the University of Agder and the Morbid Obesity Centre at Vestfold County Hospital has researched this subject extensively and found, “A heap of studies show that obese people are stigmatized and discriminated against.” 

Other researchers have made similar observations. “Research tells us that many people think those who are fat are generally lazy, dumb, greedy and unmotivated. Such stigmatization applies to heavy women in particular. Obese people encounter direct and palpable discrimination”, according to Brewis Slade, who worked this spring at the Center for Advanced Study (CAS), a foundation established by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. “The tone in many of the comments was just atrocious.” 

Many Doctors See the Weight Only

“Studies show that doctors are less willing to treat people who are obese than ones with normal weights. For instance, obease women have been shown to be less likely to get a mammography or a cancer test by health personnel,” says Mr. Slade. As a result these people might not be getting the medical help they need and deserve.

My personal experience working with thousands of overweight clients has also revealed some horrifying perceptions. When obese people don’t see the typical results of the HCG Diet, in spite of following the protocol faithfully many wouldn’t even consider speaking with a doctor because they know they will be accused of cheating.

Cynical people like  “Prince Charming” above will jump to insults and accusations about how they must be cheating, and yes, some very well may be. But not everyone. And the latter are so afraid of being ridiculed and accused that they would rather say nothing than insisting on the medical attention necessary to diagnose the root cause of their inability to lose weight .

I work with the majority of my clients over the Internet. But thanks to one client, who I’ll call Mary, I began to see that my personal experience with weight loss resistance was not unique. Unlike the majority of clients who I don’t know personally, I’ve known Mary for over a decade and trained her personally twice a week at my Pilates Studio. 

Mary struggled with weight loss issues like myself so I suggested she try the HCG Diet. She did the diet and lost about five pounds but then plateaued. We reviewed her diet and I investigated for some of the most common saboteurs but she was impeccable.

Red Flag!

If you are 20+ pounds overweight, do the HCG Diet faithfully and don’t lose at least 20 pounds, then you are either lying about what you’re eating or metabolically deranged and need to see a doctor who specializes in theses conditions AND BELIEVES YOU.

If you are in that last category, know that these medical conditions are studied and that there are ways to correct them. I launched this website as a result of my own journey overcoming metabolic derangement. The mission of this website is to assure people who are suffering from this very real condition that your inability to lose weight is NOT your fault and we will empower you with the knowledge and resources to overcome it.

Please reach out me and let me help. We offer one-on-one coaching programs and I’ll be happy to speak with you over the phone for FREE to determine if we’re a good fit for each other. I’ll also connect you with Telemedicine doctors who specialize in weight loss resistance. We will help you find the cure. NO ONE should have to be bullied or fat-shamed again.

I believe you and will tell you that #ItsNotYourFault.

Oh yea, I almost forgot! What Does Fat Shaming and Ignorance Have in Common? …They belong to the same A$$hole.

Best of Luck on your Journey to Health & Fitness,

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