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In the past two decades, Americans have become obsessed with losing weight. As a result, they have spent billions of dollars every year on diet pills and weight loss supplements. The industry is still growing because people who struggle with weight problems have been searching for answers most of their lives and are willing to pay for solutions.

One option people often turn to is the diet pill. Yes, diet pills do work. They are both safe and effective when used with common sense and in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, they would be banned from store shelves. But unless you are using the correct type of supplements for your goals, follow the directions, and understand that they won’t be as effective all by themselves – you may as well save your money.

There are thousands of weight loss supplements on the market. How do you know which one is right for you? Do you pick one out of a hat, or buy one because some random website (that just happens to sell the products they’re rating) says it’s one of the “Top Ten?”

Buying a diet pill from one of the hundreds of “Top 10 Diet Pill” websites is really like shooting an arrow into the sky and hoping it magically hits a haystack somewhere. For more on this, read our special report Why Top 10 Diet Pill Websites are a Scam”.

The fact is that everyone’s physiology is different and what works for one person may not work for another. Similar to exercise programs, different types of weight loss pills will work better for different people depending upon their specific needs and lifestyle. The only way you can make the best possible choice for your success is to understand the different types of pills and the various combinations there are to choose from.

Remember, the most important ingredient for success with any diet pill or weight loss supplement is your knowledge and common sense. Once you have ruled out any hidden culprits that could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts (read “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?”) and are accurately follow the directions printed on the manufacturer’s label, you will discover that the weight loss process can be easy and enjoyable.

Read on, and learn more about each product type. Only then will you know the right choice for you.*

Types of Diet & Weight Loss Pills

• Appetite Suppressants
• Cortisol Products
• Carb Blockers  
• Diuretic Diet Pills
• Fat Blockers
• Fat Burners
• Fat Burners (Stimulant Free) 
• Gender Specific Pills
• Hoodia Diet Pills
• PM Diet Pills
• Thyroid Support 
• Natural Diet Pills

Additional Weight Loss Enhancement/Support Supplements

Weight Loss Enhancement/Support Supplements are not specifically considered diet pills, but using the following in conjunction with your diet pill therapy can make the difference between success and failure. Especially if diet pills haven’t been 100% successful for you in the past, the following support supplements may be the missing piece of your weight loss puzzle.

  • 7-Keto – Lose fat, build muscle, slow aging.
  • CLA – Gain muscle instead of fat.
  • Cleansing & Detox Diet Pills – Eradicate toxins to improve digestion, elimination, and reduce bloating.
  • Multi-Vitamins – Helps maintain weight and reduce appetite while you’re on a weight loss diet plan.
  • Protein – Speeds up your weight loss by helping you build and/or maintain lean muscle that also raises your fat-burning metabolism.
  • Pyruvate – Burns fat and stimulates energy.
  • L-Carnitine – Turns fat into energy.
  • Fat Loss Combinations! – We take the guess work out of stacking supplements by putting together the best combos for you and offering them at a discount!

Appetite Suppressants

Over eating is considered one of the main contributors for weight gain. So, logically, reducing the desire for food would decrease food consumption and increase weight loss.

The appetite suppressant was designed to lessen a person’s psychological motivation for food. Phenylpropanolamine (PPA), one of the most widely used appetite suppressants, affects the hypothalamus, the area of the brain that controls appetite, by triggering a feeling that you are full. By reducing food intake the assumption is that you will lose weight, as you calorie intake will be markedly decreased.

Note: Many other fat burning products also suppress appetite. Read labels carefully to avoid exceeding manufacturer doses.

CLICK HERE for a list of the most common ingredients found in Appetite Suppressants.

Cortisol Products

Whenever we are under stress, our bodies release its primary “fight or flight” stress hormone—cortisol.  Cortisol signals the body to do two things – increase appetite and store fat. Too much cortisol can slow your metabolism, causing more weight gain than you would normally experience. This also makes dieting more difficult.

Additionally, the same stress that causes elevated cortisol levels can cause emotional eating adding to weight gain and increased fat specifically in the abdomen region. When cortisol spikes it causes you to crave sugar, salt, and fat making crave those high calorie fattening foods even more.

If the body is repeatedly exposed to stressful events and these types of foods are consistently eaten on a daily basis, you will gain weight and continue gaining weight until you effectively control the stress. Our cortisol products have been proven to help you manage the stress that elevates cortisol to lose weight faster while retaining your fat burning lean muscle mass.

CLICK HERE for a list of the most common ingredients found in Cortisol products.

Carb Blockers

Most Carb Blockers are composed of an extract of Phaseolus Vulgaris (botanical name for the kidney bean). The pills are often supplemented with other ingredients such as chromium, vanadium, and fenugreek.

The premise of carb blockers is that they will prevent the enzyme alpha-amylase from binding with starches. This enzyme is produced in saliva and will break down the carbohydrates into molecules that the body will absorb. By preventing this process from happening, the carbohydrate will pass through the body.

Some of the study into carb blockers pills came out of Diabetes research to help the diabetic control their insulin response. Most manufacturers cite clinical trials which lends added credibility with carb blockers due to their relationship with Diabetes research.

Carb Blockers are a great supplement to use alone to increase weight loss or in conjunction with thermogenics or other fat burners. Carb Blocker pills are great for people who struggle to maintain a low carb diet regimen (e.g. you just can’t resist the fries or bread) or for special occasions when you know you’ll be deviating from your diet plan.

CLICK HERE for a list of the most common ingredients found in Carb Blockers.

Diuretic Diet Pills

A diuretic is defined as any substance that increases urination. A diuretic is most often used medically to treat edema, heart failure, hypertension and some kidney disease, but it also used “off label” as a weight-loss aid.  Diuretics are much like laxatives in the sense that they give the person a feeling of weight loss by reducing bloating and puffiness.

Turn to diuretics only as short-term “flash weight loss rescue” to reduce menstrual bloating or to fit into your skinny jeans or slinky dress for your high school reunion. Because the weight loss is caused by retained fluid and not fat, it will be regained as soon as you drink additional fluid.

Diuretics should never be used on a long term basis as their prolonged use can lead to dehydration and a potassium deficiency, which can be dangerous. Understand that Diuretics do not cause weight loss, and repeated use can cause serious medical complications. If your body tends to accumulate excess fluids, it’s best to make a visit to your doctor to diagnose the cause and permanently resolve it.

CLICK HERE for a list of the most common ingredients found in Diuretic Diet Pills.

Fat Blockers

Fat blockers work by binding to the fats in your digestive system and creating a combined substance large enough that it will not pass through your gut and into the bloodstream. Once attached to the fat, the blockers simply travel through and exit your system and take the excess fats with them.

The most famous fat blocker ingredient is chitosan. Working much like the same way as carb blockers do, chitosan binds to fat in the digestive tract. It can trap as much as ten times its weight in fat!  Less absorbed fat = less absorbed calories = more weight loss.

Fat Blockers are a great supplement to use alone to increase weight loss or in conjunction with thermogenics or other fat burners. Fat Blocker pills are great for people who struggle to maintain a low fat diet regimen or for special occasions when you know you’ll be deviating from your diet plan.

CLICK HERE for a list of the most common ingredients found in Fat Blockers.

Fat Burners – Thermogenics

Fat Burners are the most common type of weight loss pill. Whereas fat blockers prevent your body from absorbing fat and appetite suppressants stop you from eating too many calories, fat burners work by reducing the amount of fat already stored in your body.

Fat Burners trigger natural hormones which speed up your metabolism so your anabolism can pull the proteins and amino acids out better which help for muscle building. Along with catabolism which will improve the break down food, they also work to suppress your appetite. You will eat less, crave less, feel full faster, and as a result consume fewer calories.  Fewer calories = more weight loss.

Understand the fact that fat burner pills are a very powerful tool to help you reach your weight loss goals and not a “magic wand.” To get the most value for waistline and your wallet, you may need to make some changes to your daily routine.

A truly successful weight loss program, contrary to some peoples’ beliefs, consists of a symphony of supplements, diet and exercise – all working in harmony. A good Fat Burner is the best tool you have available to give you a jump-start and added assistance to combat the condition and ultimately win the war.

CLICK HERE for a list of the most common ingredients found in Fat Burners.

Fat Burners – Stimulant-Free

On February 6, 2004, the FDA issued their final rule banning the sale of all dietary supplements containing an ingredient called ephedra in the United States, saying that they posed an “unreasonable risk of illness or injury.”

In the past, fat burners without ephedra didn’t work all that well. Luckily, research has intensified in this area and the latest products are really helping people lose fat fast. The basic idea is that if they can raise your metabolism even a little bit, you will burn more calories each day, even while resting.

If you want a good fat burner without ephedra, BodyFit Superstore is the place to look! Some people don’t tolerate stimulants as well due to high blood pressure or other medical conditions. Others just don’t want stimulants because they make them feel a too jittery.

BodyFit Superstore offers offer a number of awesome fat burners that are stimulant-free! You many not lose as much as you would with Fat Burners that contain stimulants, but they are safer alternatives for some people. Results vary, but typically people lose an average of 7-10 pounds with these.

CLICK HERE for a list of the most common ingredients found in Stimulant Free Fat Burners.

Gender Specific Diet Pills

Creating gender-specific diet pills is a logical idea. Men and women have different bodies with different needs and hormones so it makes sense to have gender-specific diet pills. Men and women want different things out of diet pills. Women tend to be concerned mainly losing fat. Generally men are looking to increase lean muscle mass while burning body fat.

Keep in mind that some weight loss companies use the fat burners for men/women as a marketing gimmick. There is nothing in their ingredient profile that would denote it is gender specific. They just want the upper hand in the men’s fat burner market. Be a smart consumer and do your research (or check out our recommendations).

The key to a Men’s Fat Burner’s is its ability to regulate testosterone to help you burn fat and increase muscle mass. Women-specific diet pills have a few ingredients that other diet pills don’t. These include ingredients that either promotes hormone activity, or support hair, skin, nails, and other organs considered to enhance beauty.

Hoodia Diet Pills

Hoodia is a cactus like plant found in South Africa. The drug made a sensation by its ability to suppress appetite to ultimately decrease weight. Only Hoodia contains a natural appetite suppressant. This cactus like plant grows in Kalahari Desert, and the unique appetite suppressing substance is contained in the core of the plant. One of the most important advantages of Diet Pill Hoodia is that the drug does not cause any serious side effects, it is 100% safe. 

If you’re one on millions of people whose weight loss attempts have not been successful because of your inability to reduce your daily calorie intake, then Hoodia may have the answer for you.

Pure hoodia gordonii will help do just that! Hoodia is the most effective natural appetite suppressant available today. Authentic, pure Hoodia will curb your craving thus helping you cut down your calorie intake. It will also boost your metabolism so you burn more fat.

Natural Diet Pills

Natural is a term used to describe herbal supplements, and the Food and Drug Administration considers them as food products and not drugs. Therefore, they are regulated differently than over-the-counter drugs, but fall under the command of the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Food and Safety and Applied Nutrition.

Natural merely means that a company is selling pills that contain ingredients that come from natural sources rather than chemically engineered “lab” ingredients. The term is used to describe diet pills ranging from herbal to stimulant-based. Also considered as natural by these definition, are stimulants like caffeine.

PM Diet Pills

PM Diet Pills are specifically formulated to enhance weight loss while you sleep. Although this may sound like a miraculous way to lose weight, there have been some great reviews about the effectiveness of PM diet pills.

Most PM diet pills will help you get a better night’s sleep. According to a study reported by USA Today, Scientists have found that sleep deprivation increases levels of a hunger hormone and decreases levels of a hormone that makes you feel full. The effects may lead to overeating and weight gain.

So as wild as the idea sounds, substantial medical evidence suggests some fascinating links between sleep and weight. Therefore, if you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep a PM diet pill may be a great option for you.

CLICK HERE for a list of the most common ingredients found in PM Diet Pills.

Thyroid Support Supplements

The thyroid gland regulates the body’s temperature by secreting two hormones that control how quickly the body burns calories and uses energy. When it works properly, you feel great with plenty of stamina for an active day, plus your metabolism functions at the highest level that is healthy.

Daily symptoms like exhaustion, difficulty waking up in the morning, skin dryness, cold extremities or continuously feeling cold, difficulty losing weight, weight gain, thin hair, brittle nails, fatigue, cold intolerance, headaches and constipation can be caused by low thyroid. In addition to medical treatments to counter these symptoms, there are other natural options which include thyroid support supplements like Thyromine, iodine supplementation, kelp or seaweed supplements and desiccated thyroid.

CLICK HERE for a list of the most common ingredients found in Thyroid Support Supplements.


7-Keto is a safer and more potent form of DHEA, the well-known “mother hormone”, a substance known to slow and safeguard the effects of aging on many body functions. 7-Keto is NOT DHEA. It is a natural metabolite of DHEA meaning that our bodies eventually convert DHEA into 7-Keto DHEA in the skin and kidneys before going on to fortify us.

Summary of 7-Keto’s actions and benefits:

  • Helpful in reducing body fat for safe weight loss
  • Prevents skin from wrinkling
  • Strengthens immune function
  • Helps balance thyroid function
  • Increases & preserves lean muscle mass
  • Enhances the liver enzyme catalase
  • Enhances IGF-1 (Growth Hormone) hormone production
  • Improves cognitive function and enhances memory
  • May be helpful in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Helpful for overcoming insulin resistance in type II diabetes
  • Relieves depression
  • Has anti-aging benefits
  • Helps lower stress-induced high blood pressure and may be beneficial for other heart-related diseases.
  • Eases inflammatory conditions like lupus and arthritis
  • May help prevent HIV wasting
  • May be advantageous in helping to fight Parkinson’s disease
  • Boosts energy and relieves fatigue
  • Fights allergic reactions
  • Helpful for Asthma

CLA – (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

Major news for people who are facing weight loss challenges is the news that the natural dietary supplement conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) reduces body fat in people who are overweight.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a collective term used to describe one or more positional and geometric forms of the essential fatty acid linoleic acid. CLA is naturally present in cow’s milk and beef and other ruminant meats. Milk fat, in particular, is the richest natural dietary source of CLA.

A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, published in the December 2000 issue of the Journal of Nutrition found that CLA reduces fat and preserves muscle tissue. According to the research project manager, an average reduction of six pounds of body fat was found in the group that took CLA, compared to a placebo group. The study found that approximately 3.4 grams of CLA per day is the level needed to obtain the beneficial effects of CLA on body fat.

Vegetarians can all benefit from CLA supplementation since its main source it’s derived from animal fats.  We have several Vegetarian brands available which derive their CLA from Safflower Oil Concentrate.

Cleansing and Detox Diet Pills

Cleansing and detoxing has a lot of health benefits, including weight loss and improved digestion. Body detoxification works efficiently to flush out all of the toxic waste byproducts from the bowel walls. Then the human digestive system will get healthy and be fully active.

Cleansing and detoxing will not only help you lose the extra weight but will also help to keep your body in good shape. For the many people who are able to lose weight but are not able to keep it off check for an unhealthy digestive system which may be the culprit.

Colon cleanser diet pills are carefully formulated to help clean up our digestive system from those unhealthy radical substances as part of your complete weight loss program. If you are having a hard time with your bowel movements, then this is one of the perfect ways for you to improve your bowel movements.

All promote weight loss regimes based on the premise that it’s the accumulation of toxins combined with improper diet that not only causes weight gain, but also makes weight loss more difficult than it should be.

In addition to colon cleansing, consider detoxification supplements for the liver. Liver cleansing supplements are essentially utilized for cleansing yet they are also used to keep best levels of minerals and also vitamins. More so, losing some extra weight is the result of taking the detoxification regime as the toxic chemicals inside the body are released.


The primary function of L-carnitine in the body is to regulate fat oxidation (burning). L-Carnitine is responsible for transporting fat to the fat furnace in our cells called mitochondria. Unless fat makes it to the mitochondria, it cannot be oxidized, no matter how much you exercise or diet.

Many studies have been done to determine the effectiveness of L-Carnitine for fat burning. Evidence, more so than not, has suggested that when used correctly, along with a balanced diet (adequate protein, essential fats, and fiber), it works. L-Carnitine however, is not the “silver bullet”; it is just another piece of the fat burning puzzle.


In a recent study*, obese women ages 18-55 women were randomly assigned to one of three groups. One received a multivitamin and mineral supplement, the second received a calcium supplement, and the third received an identical placebo.

After six months, women in the multivitamin and mineral group had significantly lower body weight, body mass index, and fat mass than the others. Levels of total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol were also significantly reduced, while HDL (good) cholesterol levels increased.

*International Journal of Obesity Published, doi:10.1038/ijo.2010.14 “Effects of multivitamin and mineral supplementation on adiposity, energy expenditure and lipid profiles in obese Chinese women.”


Protein is one of the best kept secrets of weight loss, having earned a bad rap from high-fat diets that were also high in protein. But a low-fat diet that has an equal balance of protein and carbohydrates could be the missing ingredient in your weight loss efforts! Protein actually speeds up your weight loss by helping you build and/or maintain lean muscle that also raises your fat-burning metabolism.

Dieter beware that Body builders and athletes need more calories, not just protein, to pack on the muscle and stay energetic. Many protein supplements are specifically designed with the bodybuilder in mind and are loaded with calories. If you are supplementing protein for weight loss, ALWAYS look at the calorie content and stick to supplements under 200 calories per serving.


Pyruvate is a remarkable supplement that will help speed up your metabolism, boost your energy levels throughout the day and increase your endurance. These qualities make Pyruvate an excellent supplement for dieters and athletes alike. Pyruvate has also been proven to lower harmful cholesterol and to act as a powerful antioxidant.

Pyruvate is a stabilized form of pyruvic acid and naturally occurs in the body. Pyruvate is the foundation of the Krebs, or Citric Acid, Cycle. This Cycle, is the process through which the body converts Glycogen to Energy. Or, more simply, it is how the body burns sugar and starch. Thus, Pyruvate plays a crucial role in this conversion of food to energy burning fat faster.

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