Top 7 Tips for a Thinner Holiday Season!

Patty Baiano

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With Thanksgiving, the holiday of feasting, right on our doorstep it’s natural to let our fitness priorities slack a bit. You watch everything you eat as the summer months approach but now you’ll be covering up in bulky clothing until spring so why not indulge right? Our Top 7 Tips for a Thinner Holiday Season will give you all the hacks you need to indulge without guilt and not blow your waistline.

Along with the holidays ’tis the season of Sunday afternoon tailgate parties and Monday night football. Also means added indulgence in a few more beers with chips, dips, hotdogs, wings, and lots of other unhealthy menu selections. To these fried and fatty party foods, add the body’s natural tendency to hold on to extra fat during the winter months and you’ll have the perfect recipe for weight gain.

The body doesn’t know that we live in a culture of continuous food. It’s been programed for millions of years to store fat for the upcoming months of cold and famine…famine that no longer exists in our modern era of fast food, “all you can eat,” and mega-food centers.

What we don’t consider is that once you start your body’s natural process of fattening up for winter ‘survival,’ by the time you get to the holidays you will have eaten yourself into the perfect fat-storing machine.

Once your jeans start getting a little tighter, the holidays are upon you and you’re lost in Thanksgiving turkey, pumpkin pie, yuletide holiday feasts, and New Year’s celebrations. By now the past four months of indulgences can often overwhelm you with guilt.

Studies have shown that keeping your fitness goals intact until right before the holidays can allow you to indulge and enjoy your favorite seasonal treats and minimize their effect on your waistline.

A few simple lifestyle changes from now until the holidays can help you lose a few pounds and bounce back to your summer body with ease! Follow these simple tips and you’re sure to enter the holidays feeling healthier, happier and several pounds lighter. Then you can relax and really enjoy yourself guilt free!

1. Start the season at (or close to) your goal weight.

If you already put on a few pounds, lose the weight now before the holiday season starts. This will prevent your body from going into fat-storing mode and make it much easier to lose the few pounds you may gain from treating yourself.

2. Drink more water.

It’s often easy to confuse thirst for hunger—making us more likely to overeat throughout the day. During the winter months, it’s easy to become dehydrated without even realizing it. Influences such as cold air, wind and insufficient fluid intake can all contribute to dehydration. Staying properly hydrated can help encourage good food choices. Not to mention, drinking water is important to your overall health and weight loss. Focus on increasing your water intake from now until Thanksgiving and you may just notice you’re less hungry than normal.

3. Indulge in moderation.

We all have our favorite indulgences—holiday cookies, pecan pie, sweet potatoes with mini-marshmallows, egg nog? The key is to indulge in moderation. Try allowing yourself no more than one not-so-healthy indulgence per week. And keep your portion size in check.

5. Sleep more.

Studies show that lack of sleep can cause weight gain. From now until the holidays, try to hit the hay 30 minutes earlier. You might be surprised at how much better you feel. Plus you could be giving your body just what it needs to drop some excess weight.

6. Reserve calories.

Make small, effortless changes that will reduce your daily calories and aid in your weight loss. Even the smallest change—like asking for non-fat milk instead of whole milk in your morning coffee—can make a difference. Also choose smaller plates and glasses as this has been shown to help control portion size. Lastly, practice Tip #5 to help keep late night snacking to a minimum.

7. Don’t skip your workout!.

Once the holiday rush begins it’s very easy to skip out your exercise routine. Try scheduling your workout first thing in the morning before the chaos of the day begins. Working out first thing in the morning will ensure you’ll burn off those extra calories so you can indulge on a few extra calories without guilt and keep your stress levels in check.

Go into the upcoming Holiday season feeling better than ever. Give yourself the gift of health and fitness! Following these simple tips can help you emerge from the cold winter months weighing less than you do today!

Go into the upcoming Holiday season feeling better than ever. Give yourself or your loved one the gift of health and fitness! Doing the HCG Diet now and following these simple tips can help you lose up to 2 pounds per day and emerge from the cold winter months weighing less than you do today!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

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