Bodyfit Superstore Launches Redesigned Website Featuring Leading Health and Wellness Products and Resources

The health and wellness coaching services company provides nutrition and lifestyle solutions for general wellness, weight management and metabolic dysfunction.

TOMS RIVER, NJ (PRWEB) March 13, 2018

Bodyfit Superstore, a health and wellness coaching services company that provides nutrition, fitness and lifestyle solutions, has revised and expanded its website, with an emphasis on providing information and recommendations for natural and effective alternatives for age management, weight management and general wellness. is a leading online resource that promotes content, tools and products that focus on weight management, better health and performance. Featured products and services include Trim® Nutrition nutraceuticals and weight management programs such as Trim® SuperBurn and Trim® Carb Revolution; and prescription nutrient therapies such as HCG and Methylcobalamin B12 recommended through the TeleWellnessMD™ telehealth services platform, amongst

The global wellness industry is a $3.7 trillion market.¹ Recent trends in the US indicate a high demand for health and wellness products. According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition 2017 consumer survey, 76 percent of American adults regularly consume some form of dietary supplement – including vitamins, minerals, specialty supplements, herbals/botanicals, sports nutrition supplements and weight management supplements – for a variety of reasons including boosting energy and overall health and wellness.²

With more than one-third of the US adult population considered to be overweight or obese³, and Gallup polls consistently indicating increasing consumer interest in weight loss⁴, it’s clear that today’s consumers are actively seeking information and alternatives for leading healthier lifestyles, adopting better nutrition habits and getting regular exercise.


The Bodyfit Superstore website was redesigned with the goal of providing education about health and fitness and promoting science-based exercise and nutrition products and programs in a simplified way to increase the visibility of comprehensive resources and exciting new features, including a 30-second test to help identify signs of metabolic dysfunction and a new Bodyfit Superstore fitness app coming soon.

“We are thrilled to launch our new site,” said Bodyfit Superstore founder, Patty Baiano, a health and fitness coach with certifications in Pilates and Bulletproof Human Potential. “I have the most rewarding job imaginable, helping people improve their wellness and achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.”

Baiano created Bodyfit Superstore after her own personal struggles with autoimmune thyroid disease and weight management issues. Her journey to better health and wellness inspired her to help others, both virtually and in person, through the Bodyfit Superstore website and at her Pilates by the Bay studio in Toms River, New Jersey.
Baiano says she is highly selective about the products and programs she recommends through her website and to her clients. “Trim Nutrition and TeleWellnessMD are pioneers in alternative approaches to better health and wellness. I’m confident recommending their products and programs to my audience and my private clients, who’ve consistently reported outstanding results.”

“Our products and services are unique to the industry and a great addition to any website promoting health and wellness products, programs and activities,” said Brent Agin, M.D., founder and CEO of Trim Nutrition and TeleWellnessMD.
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About Bodyfit Superstore
Bodyfit Superstore is a health and wellness coaching services company that provides information about health, nutrition and fitness and offers recommendations for products, programs for age management, weight management and general wellness. Visit Bodyfit Superstore Social: Facebook, Twitter @bodyfittweets, Pinterest.

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TeleWellnessMD™ provides medical consulting, program recommendations and prescription wellness therapies for general health, age management, nutrition and other wellness health care needs through an online platform and network of licensed medical providers in each state. Visit TeleWellnessMD™ Social: Facebook, Google+, YouTube.

Trim® Nutrition’s product line includes vitamins, supplements and protein shakes manufactured in CGMP facilities and proprietary nutrient injections compounded in a certified licensed pharmacy using the highest quality ingredients. Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, Trim® Nutrition’s clinical staff of physicians, pharmacists, registered nurses, and research and development specialists are dedicated to the mission of Making Bodies Better™. Visit Trim Nutrition Social: Facebook, Twitter @trimnutrition, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest.

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