My discovery of the HCG Diet happened by completely by accident. I made an appointment for a much overdue massage at a nearby Health & Wellness center. The Director was an acquaintance whom I haven’t seen in several months. After signing in and saying a cordial ‘hello’ to the woman behind the counter, I sat down to wait.

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My HCG Diet Weight Loss Success Story Continued

Welcome to a series of Blog posts that detail my experience with the injectable HCG Diet Program. Please note that I am not a medical professional nor claim to offer professional health advice on this diet or any other weight loss regimen. This is my personal experience with what is a relatively new approach to weight loss that many have yet to try.

How I Discovered the Real HCG Diet

My discovery of the HCG Diet happened by completely by accident. I made an appointment for a much overdue massage at a nearby Health & Wellness center. The Director was an acquaintance whom I haven’t seen in several months. After signing in and saying a cordial ‘hello’ to the woman behind the counter, I sat down to wait.

“You don’t even recognize me do you?” said the voice behind the counter. The woman looked like the younger sister of my friend, “No, I’m sorry, are you Jill’s sister?” I asked. She flashed a bright smile, “No silly –  it’s me, Jill!” I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped right to the floor.

Not only was my friend about 60 pounds lighter, she also looked about 15 years younger! I cannot even begin to describe the difference in her physical appearance. Her face seemed fuller and had the beautiful blush of youth, her skin was clear and bright, her hair shiny and lush. If I didn’t know better, I would swear she had a face lift.

Could the HCG Diet be the Real Fountain of Youth?

When I asked her “who she sold her soul to for a sip of the fountain of youth”, she told me all about the HCG diet and how it changed her life. Having suffered from hypothyroidism and difficulty losing weight for most of my life I was intrigued by the success stories and clinical reports of the HCG diet, but what had me totally sold was the woman standing before me.

“Why can’t I just do the low calorie diet without HCG?” I asked, she explained that if just reducing calories is the solution to overweight and obesity why hasn’t worked in the past? Think about it, how many other diets have we all tried in the past without the desired results?

She went on to explain that there are 2 basic reasons why simply reducing calories to lose weight does not work long term:

Reducing calories lowers your metabolism. By reducing calories, your body slows down its metabolism and goes into survival mode and if you are overweight or suffer from obesity, it’s safe to say your metabolism is already low. That’s why when you stop dieting, your weight rebounds back to or above your original weight.

Severely restricting calories without using HCG shocks your brain into starvation mode. During starvation, your body holds on to all your fat stores as a mechanism to survive. Thus, a low calorie diet will prohibit your body from releasing your ‘bad’ fat. Instead, you will exhaust your reserve fat, then your structural fat and then finally your store of ‘bad’ fat.

The above two rudimentary reasons are why you have not been successful by simply reducing calories in the past. Adding HCG to your very low calorie dieting efforts can mobilize and reduce your abnormal fat and you won’t be hungry!

Features of the Real HCG Diet Program:

  • The Real HCG diet is a combination of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and 500 calorie diet that promises to reset your hypothalamus and metabolism.
  • The Real HCG diet plan is strictly based on Dr. Simeons’ book “Pounds and Inches,” and burns abnormal fat as well as resetting eating habits to prevent the weight from coming back.
  • You don’t have to do any kind of exercise while on The Real HCG Diet. The abnormal fat that is burned while dieting releases enough energy to keep you lively despite your very low caloric intake.
  • You never feel hungry and weak during the process. The weight lost during the diet never comes back as the Hypothalamus is reset during the process.

The Real HCG Diet as outlined by Dr. Simeons’ uses only pure HCG Injections which you can purchase online here. HCG drops and sublingual sprays have been clinically proven to be completely ineffective. Homeopathic HCG drops and sprays are actually free of HCG, containing no real HCG whatsoever have been banned by the FDA.

How to Buy the Real HCG Diet Online

In the US you need a doctor’s prescription for real HCG. Homeopathic OTC (Over The Counter) HCG drops and sprays are a complete waste of money and are now illegal. The drops and sprays that consumers are buying online are not HCG as prescribed and outlined by Dr. Simeons’ in his manuscript. Buyer beware as you will never achieve results with them. This is just another sad way that retailers take advantage of consumers.

If you do not have a doctor’s prescription, the only way to legally buy HCG for injections in the US is via an overseas vendor. Buying HCG injections from pharmacies or other companies who get their HCG products from China or India is just plain scary. You may pay a lot less money, but you’ll have to wait up to two months to receive your order, and be unsure of what’s actually in the bottle! The FDA rules designed to protect your health in the USA do not apply to foreign-made HCG Injections.

BodyFit Superstore medical providers sell complete HCG injection kits that are compounded in the USA by licensed Pharmacists in an FDA approved and licensed pharmacy. Via phone or video conferencing, you will consult with a medical doctor who discusses your health goals and issues your prescription. You can trust that you are getting safe, highly effective HCG. Orders are shipped out the same day so you’ll receive your package in a few days instead of a few months

The HCG Diet protocol is not just about losing a lot of weight quickly; it’s also about resetting your metabolism and setting yourself up for a lifetime of healthy living.

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Patty B

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