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HCG Diet Instructions

Start here for your complete guide to the HCG Diet Program. You’ll learn the history of the HCG Diet program, how the HCG Diet works, your daily food allowances and a sample menu plan. Then we’ll show you how to mix the vials and where and how to administer your HCG Diet injections. Download the complete manuscript of the doctor who discovered the HCG Diet, Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches, a New Approach to Obesity.

HCG Diet Program FAQ's

Everything you want to know about the diet plan that has helped millions of people reach their weight loss goals. Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches manuscript details everything you need to know about the diet, but not everyone has the time to read it cover to cover. We’ve helped well over a thousand men and women to shed fat and achieve their weight loss goals. We’ve complied this list of their most frequently asked questions.

HCG Diet Blog

Follow the journey of BodyFit Superstore’s owner, as she shares her experiences, successes, and failures on the HCG Diet. Here we also talk to real people and share their stories. Without addressing the underlying issues in our relationship to food and our bodies, diets may not create lasting positive change. Read about some of the emotional challenges you may face so that you can be prepared and increase your success reaching your goals.

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The person I spoke to on the phone was very kind and helpful. She answered all my questions, and she offered advice that I never heard in the past. I just received my product. I am currently on the first phase of the HCG and am excited about the weight loss to come!

Jana M ~ October 7, 2017

Zoe was very friendly and informative and the doctor was also friendly and contacted me promptly. I look forward to using this service to achieve my health and fitness goals.

Gina C - December 29, 2017

HCG Diet is absolutely the very easiest and best diet ever. I found out about this diet from My 2 cousins who had AWESOME results. I have also has incredible results and have told others about the diet. I swear by this diet and love it. A life changing diet plan. 

Kristin K - February 9, 2018

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Top HCG Diet Add-ons

LIPOTROPIC ULTRA Fat Burner Vitamin B-Complex MIC Blend + 2mL Methylcobalamin Booster

Biplex-forte-1Lipotropic compounds are used on the potential for release of fat deposits in some parts of the body. Our strongest Fat-Burner available! 

  • Genuine BEPLEX PLUS ULTRA LIPOTROPIC Fat Burner Injections
  • Strongest Lipotropic B-Complex Formula Available Anywhere
  • Has BOTH B12 Cyanocobalamin & B12 Methylcobalamin
  • Helps To Quickly Burn Off Stubborn Fat Deposits
  • Contains 7 Injectable Vitamin B Types! Wow!
  • Suppresses Appetite and Cravings Naturally
  • Dramatically Accelerates Fat Loss
  • Increases Immune & Liver Function
  • Increases Energy, Lowers Cholesterol
  • Improves Mood & Feeling of Well-Being
  • Great For Both Beginning & Ongoing Maintenance Phases

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Methylcobalamin Injection

Bioplex-UltraGenuine BEPLEX FORTE M.I.C Fat Burner Injections  

  • Suppresses Appetite Naturally
  • Increases Energy, Lowers Cholesterol
  • Accelerates Fat Loss!
  • Improves Mood & Feeling of Well-being


Ingredients per ml:

  • Methionine 20mg: An amino acid that reduces fats and aids in lowering cholesterol.
  • Inositol 10mg: A nutrient used to metabolize and transfer fats in the blood stream.
  • Choline 20mg: A nutrient known to help reduce fat in the liver.
  • Thiamine B1 90.9mg: Is involved in many body functions, including nervous system and muscle function
  • Riboflavin B2 4.5mg: Helps the body to convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose)
  • Niacinamide B3 100mg: Improves digestion, protecting against toxins and pollutants, reducing the effects of aging, and lowering blood pressure
  • D-Panthenol B5 10mg: Is important for our bodies to properly use carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids and for healthy skin
  • Pyridoxine B6 10mg: Is required by your body for utilization of energy in the foods you eat, production of red blood cells, and proper functioning of nerves
  • Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin 100mcg: Increases energy, metabolism, and is essential to maintain energy levels

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CYANOCOBALAMIN B12 Vitamin Injection

B12 ShotsCYANOCOBALAMIN is a man made form of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is used in the growth of healthy blood cells, nerve cells, and proteins in the body. It also helps with the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. This medicine is used to treat people who can not absorb vitamin B12.

  • B12 Cyanocobalamin 30 ML Vial

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B12 Methylcobalamin Plus

B12-Methylcobalamin-PlusTurbocharge your HCG diet with our easy to use Methylcobalamin Plus B12 ampules.  Purest Form of Vitamin B12 Available!


 Each 2ML Ampoule Contains:

  • 1000 mcg of Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin
  • 100 mcg of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride)
  • 100 mcg of Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)
  • Offered In Five 2ml ampules (10ml total)
  • FREE reusable ampule opener included

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Glutathione Injections

glutathione-shots-for-detox-and-antioxidant-bodyfit-superstore-smGlutathione, the most powerful antioxidant in the human body, is naturally occurring substance that acts as a detoxifier, an antioxidant and an immune system booster.

  • Something that can help your body repair damage caused by stress, pollution, radiation, infection, drugs, poor diet, aging, injury, trauma, and burns.
  • Glutathione is not well absorbed orally, making the injection delivery a much more effective option.
  • This is a preventative supplement used to reduce the free radical damage in the body and help prevent disease and inflammation.
  • This injection is great for general supplementation and can be used in combination with the HCG Diet and any of the other B/Lipo compounds

Price: $114.95

HCG Diet Coaching

The HCG diet plan is fairly simple once you understand it. It works, and in its 70 year existence, the HCG diet has helped millions achieve rapid weight loss. But if you do it wrong you won’t get the lasting results you seek and may even further complicate your metabolism.

Personal HCG Diet one-on-one coaching is designed to educate, empower, inspire, and  hold you accountable, to ensure your optimum success.

Made in the USA

Our HCG Diet kits are 3rd party lab tested and guaranteed for quality and purity.


    • Our HCG Diet Injection Kits are manufactured here in a U.S. based compounding pharmacy under the most stringent 503B FDA guidelines and then tested for purity and safety.
    • The HCG injection program has been highly effective at contributing to the successful weight loss of most of our clients, especially for people with metobolic disorders who have failed countless times before.
    • While HCG injections are still not officially recognized as a treatment for weight loss, we have thousands of satisfied patients who have enjoyed complete success using this program.
    • Our HCG Diet Injection Kits include everything needed for self-administration of HCG injections and all the information necessary to successfully complete the program.
    • You will have access to telephone and online secure medical consultation to ensure your every question or concern is answered.
    • We offer fast shipping and outstanding customer service to support you as you work to acheive your health and wellness goals.
    • If you have found that traditional diet plans have not resulted in weight loss reasonable for your efforts, HCG injections may help.
    • Our kits are based on Dr. Simeon’s original research resulting in weight loss results averaging as much as up to 2 pounds per day for many of our clients.
    • Our kits are quality guaranteed and purchass processes are HIPAA and PCA compliant so your medical information and privacy is fully protected with us.
    • represents a Telemedicine website which provides for prescriptions of HCG Diet & Vitamin injections for supplementation.
    • The Staff Physician will review your medical history to see if you qualify medically for the products you desire. This service is provided at no additional cost.

More Info about the HCG Diet


Dr. A.T.W. Simeons

The first report on the use of HCG for management of obesity was published in 1954 by the late Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a British Physician practicing in Rome.

While working in India, he noticed that the so-called obese boys who showed Adiposogenital dystrophy (syndrome involving impaired function of the pituitary and hypothalamus) had improvement in their undescended testis when treated with HCG.

He also observed that body fat distribution modified during the course of treatment. Therefore he hypothesized that if those children were concomitantly submitted to a very Hypocaloric diet they could reduce their body weight, consuming the “fat on the move”.

“There are certain medical issues, such as problems with individual biochemistry and metabolism that can cause one to pack on pounds.

Of the 65 percent of the population who are overweight, there are a portion of those people who are weight-loss resistant. If you are among that category, know that these medical conditions are studied, and there are ways to correct them.” – The Hypothalamus

Below is information from Dr Simeons studies on HCG

We all have a small gland deep within our brain called the hypothalamus. This is a vital part of the body which controls all our autonomatic functions, including breathing, heartbeat, digestion, sleep and the complicated functions of the endocrine (hormone) system. Included in these endocrine functions is the regulation and control of metabolism and weight.

Dr. Simeons identified three separate fat stores in the body; Structural, Normal, and Abnormal. Structural fat pads the various organs, protects the arteries and cushions the bony prominences.

Normal fat is a bank from which the body can easily draw energy. Abnormal fat is a bank, much like a savings account, where fat is stored and basically locked away. This fat is very difficult to lose via exercise and calorie restriction.

HCG mobilizes and eliminates these fat stores

Normally when we cut back our calorie and fat intake, our bodies will in fact store fat and our metabolism slow down. This happens because fat is really a life-saving source of stored energy. When a very low calorie diet is employed with HCG, the body is signaled to use the fat that is stored for energy or for elimination.

Because HCG mobilizes fat and makes it available to the body as an energy source, it naturally reduces appetite. So, even though you are consuming fewer calories, your body is able to access the energy you have stored. Most people have plenty of energy and feel good while on the program.

HCG works to mobilize fat for utilization by the body only when there is a significant decrease in calories and fat. A starvation state must exist for HCG to work. For weight loss, we use a very low calorie diet to trigger HCG to help rid the body of abnormal fat. • PO Box 1583, Toms River, NJ 08753 • Email:

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