HCG Mixing & Dosing Instructions

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Mixing Instructions:

Thoroughly wash hands and disinfect work surface with alcohol. Draw 5ml of air into mixing syringe and inject the air into the Bacteriostatic Water with the vial upside down. Making sure the needle is covered with water when you release your finger from the plunger it should automaticly draw 5ml of water into the syringe (Large syringe to the 5 mark).

Inject 5ml of into the vial of HCG (dry powder). Note: when you stick the needle of the mixing syringe into the vial of powder it will automatically suck the water into the syringe. Gently roll the mixed vial between your palms to release air bubbles.

Reading the SyringeIt is recommended that you take the injection the same time every day to maintain the HCG level. Morning is best.
HCG Dosage Instructions

After following Mixing Instructions (dilution) fill small insulin syringe to the 17 mark (0.17ml). Inject once daily. Morning is the best time for HCG Injection.

Once reconstituted the vial must be refrigerated.

Note:  I have received many upset inquires from people who have administered their shots before work and  accidentally left their HCG on the counter for the entire day. Be assured that one afternoon at room temperature will NOT ruin the HCG. Just refrigerate it as soon as you can.

In Dr. Simeon’s original HCG Diet manual he says:

“Once HCG is mixed with solution it is far less stable. It may be kept at room-temperature for two to three days, but if the solution must be kept longer it should always be refrigerated.

Dosing Instructions

No one but a licensed medical doctor can legally administer prescription dosing instructions. Any references or instructions to self-dosing or adjusting prescribed dosing on prescription medications from non-licensed medical professionals should be reported the State Medical Board immediately. 

For Best Results

Please read all instructions carefully. Use HCG for 28 days on and 28 days off. This way the body maximizes the benefit of the HCG. You can continue with a 1200 calorie high protein low carb diet for the 28 days off.

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