Dr. Oz Reports on Non-surgical Medical Weight Loss Program. Learn the Secret of how Thousands of People have Found Success Losing Weight!

Patty Baiano

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Doctors are continuously preaching healthier lifestyles and lower body fat, and for good reason. This is because obese and overweight people are more susceptible to various ailments, some even fatal. However, it is not always easy to lose the necessary pounds to reduce the risk for these diseases. For some, it may seem almost impossible to achieve any significant weight loss.

Despite this, thousands of people still found hope in non-surgical medical weight loss treatments and programs aimed at helping them lose unwanted pounds. Non-surgical medical weight loss programs are for adults looking to get serious about losing weight and may be right for you if you have any of the following:

– Serious health problems due to your weight
– Need to lose 15 or more pounds
– Lifestyle changes haven’t resulted in significant weight loss
– You’ve tried other diets and/or supplements in the past and they have not resulted in significant or permanent weight loss

One such treatment is hCG hormone injections for weight loss. The hCG Diet Protocol is a non-surgical medical weight loss program prescribed by doctors either in person, through local weight loss clinics, or online through pharmacies certified by the Telemedicine Doctor’s Network.

Dr. Simeon, the medical doctor who discovered the amazing fat loss properties of hCG, has proved with numerous clinical trials that the key to losing weight and keeping it off does not rest exclusively with a fat-free diet and excessive exercise. It rests in a small gland in your brain called the hypothalamus gland.

The hypothalamus gland is a part of your brain that regulates all of the automatic functions of the body, functions like your heartbeat, breathing, sleep patterns and is also most importantly the key to metabolizing fat.

When the hypothalamus is operating normally, the burning of fat for energy occurs in a very orderly way. The HCG protocol ensures that the only fat that is maintained on the body is the good kind, the kind that is essential for perfect weight and optimal health, while the bad fat is disposed of.

HCG achieves this miraculous effect on fat loss and muscle retention by resetting the hypothalamus gland, much like rebooting a computer. This discovery could literally be the cure for obesity.

The problem with conventional methods of weight loss is that without adding hCG to strict caloric restrictions, all you are doing is addressing the appearance of fat. You are not addressing the root cause of why the body is storing abnormal amounts of fat in the first place—the dysfunctional hypothalamus—that’s why the moment you start eating normally again you gain all the weight back.

Trusted medical advisor Dr. Oz, has conducted his own research and has personally endorsed HCG Injections for fat loss. Dr. Oz interviewed Dr. Sheri Emma, a prominent weight loss expert in New Jersey, who discovered that in a study conducted using data from more than 500 patients on the HCG diet, that HCG injections can help people to lose weight. Dr. Emma goes on to say with HCG injections you lose the fat and save the muscle. It is the most effective method she has to help someone get the weight off and keep it off.

There are those who disagree with Sheri Emma and say that the weight loss is strictly due to the dramatic restricted diet of 500 calories a day. But Sheri Emma claims that with Simeon’s dosing plan of HCG and a very low calorie diet a person should expect to lose to a half a pound to a pound a day with HCG shots. Emma explains that it is the diet that drives weight loss; however the HCG injections affect how you lose the weight. With Emma’s HCG injection research, she has shown that HCG helps patients keep the weight off by sheading fat while retaining muscle mass.

Dr. Sheri Emma also claims that she has conducted additional studies regarding other forms of HCG and says she is convinced HCG injections are the way to go. She stresses that “HCG in sublingual drops are not absorbed by the body” because they are broken down by saliva and other digestive enzymes and should be strictly avoided as they are now banned by the FDA.

Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG hormone is what makes up HCG injections primary ingredient. Only pregnant women can generate this hormone naturally. This hormone plays an extremely important role for the developing fetus. It converts body fat into energy so that it can be used by the fetus inside the womb. Synthesized or artificial versions of the hormone are used in HCG injections.

People who are administered HCG injections are also placed on a low calorie diet, generally 500 calories per day. While this sounds like starvation, the hCG hormone triggers the release of ‘stored fat for food’ without the dieter experiencing hunger. There are some cases when the low calorie diet can cause mild side effects such as light-headedness, nausea, and headaches in people. These commonly arise because of vitamin B12 deficiency. This is why vitamin B12 injections are also recommended for people who are taking HCG injections.

In addition to alleviating some side effects of restricting calories for weight loss, the regulation of metabolism at the cell level is aided by vitamin B12. This vitamin also supports in the breaking down of proteins and fats. The body’s energy level and general sense of well-being is thus boosted by vitamin B12. When you enhance your body’s metabolic process, it can quickly convert fat into energy by using vitamin B12 injections with HCG injections. This makes for a faster response to the weight loss program.

In spite of the promise held by HCG injections and vitamin B12 injections for weight loss, you should always consider your safety first. Be smart when losing weight by making sure that you are under competent professional care and instruction.


Vitamin B and HCG injections are the two most compelling injections for non-surgical medical weight loss. There are people who were successful in losing weight with these injections in spite of the skepticism of others about the injections’ effectiveness. You can choose to use only one of these injections for weight loss. Or, if you would like to quickly lose additional weight, both vitamin B12 injections and HCG injections can be used.

The hCG Diet Protocol is a research proven, successful non-medical weight loss program prescribed by doctors either in person, through local weight loss clinics, or online through certified Telemedicine pharmacies .

Whether you are 10lbs or 100lbs overweight this revolutionary cure will transform your body and your life from overweight to overjoyed…the results are conclusive.

Best Regards on Your Journey to Health & Fitness!

Patty B

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