Biohacking is a relatively new technique with the capacity to promote major changes in the lives of humans. Follow our 3 Quick Hacks to Lose Weight Fast to tweak your physiology and make your weight loss efforts even more effective.

The technique is an integration or combination of applied physiology, exercise, nutrition and certain lifestyle modifications that would ultimately enhance weight loss, athletic performance, health, and quality of life.

How can you achieve results with our 3 Quick Hacks to Lose Weight Fast?

circadian-rhythms-bodyfit-superstoreStep #1: Track your Circadian Rhythm for a Start

Today, we are living in a light-deprived world and are paying for it with our health. Our body is designed to spend most of our waking hours outdoors, where it benefits from the sun’s rays in the bright sunshine – but today our lifestyles are causing us to fight what Mother Nature intended for us. We’re living in the dark.

The circadian rhythm is not anything complex – it’s a phenomenon that integrates the physical, mental, as well as behavioral changes that occur in all humans. Each time this rhythm is troubled, the body undergoes unfavorable chains of changes.

The good news is that scientists in light therapy have made great strides in recent years in understanding the impact of light on our health and wellness, and there is an increasing awareness among the general population about the importance of getting enough of the right kind of light: BRIGHT LIGHT. 

The reality, however, is that it’s hard to implement a significant change in our lifestyle by spending more time outside and getting the light we need on a daily basis. So, bringing the vital light indoors in the form of light therapy is the next best solution.

  • Use day light photo-therapy (get 30-60+ minutes of sunlight daily, preferably in the morning, to the eyes and skin);
  • Go out into nature/camping;
  • Grounding outdoors daily (take your shoes off; swim in natural bodies of water); or use an Earthing Mat or Biomat

The bottom line is, you should embrace the morning energy and stop the night odd habits. Try intermittent fasting (avoid eating within 4-6 hours from the time you wake up) – it is the best time to take your first meal of the day. And you should cut back your after-dinner snacks, especially when it is almost bedtime.

sleep-weight-loss-bodyfit-superstore-hcg-dietStep #2: Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation (even by one hour) raises the risk of obesity significantly – the estimation is over 55 percent increased risk. The risk is even higher with kids – up to 88 percent.

In addition, low quality sleep will disrupt hunger hormones such as leptin and ghrelin, and ultimately promote greater weight gain. The best way to get more quality rest is to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene.

  • Stop all the odd night habits (e.g. drinking coffee and working late at night in front of a computer) that deprive you of quality sleep;
  • Limit non-native EMF (minimize screen time; put your phone on airplane mode or shut down all electronics at or before 9pm; use Wi-Fi shield;
  • Wear blue light blocking glasses that preserve melatonin signaling).

Learn more about how being sleep deprived can affect weight gain and damage your metabolism.

let-food-be-thy-medicine-bodyfit-superstore.pngStep #3: Eat the Right Food

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 

There are many interpretations of this quote which I’m not here to debate. For my intent however, I’ll go with the most simplistic interpretation that Hippocrates believed that the nature of food we consume is either beneficial to our health or destructive.

Start by omitting sugar from your diet. Eating foods that are high in quality protein. Protein helps in burning excess fat and also suppresses appetite. So, consuming lots of proteins will help you burn fat and curb excessive craving. You should also eat lots of non-starchy vegetables.

Additional dietary guidelines to lose weight fast:

  • Adjust portions so that you’re eating 80% plants (mostly vegetables and some organic berries);
  • For fat loss you want 35-55 grams of fiber per day while keeping carbs under 75 grams;
  • Omit dairy and gluten if you know you have sensitivities to them. If you’re not sure, cutting them out for 30 days is a great way to test. Oftentimes dairy and gluten sensitivities can go undetected and could be a major factor in weight loss resistance.
  • Explore a Ketogenic diet rich in DHA (carbs come from local, seasonal, organic LIVING plants, mostly veggies, mostly green veggies, lots of chlorophyll, limit fruit to organic berries and no more than 1 cup per day);
  • Finally, drink lots COLD, fluoride-free, structured water (70% of your current bodyweight in ounces of water daily; away from meals; can structure running clean water through a Venturi wine aeratorand Hawaiian lava rocks or by using a Vitalizer Plus).

Regardless of your own interpretation of the famous quote by Hippocrates, the fact remains that the food we consume is so paramount to our health that no matter what else you do to lose weight fast if you’re not eating the right foods you will not get lasting, healthy results.

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